All Canadian Investment Corporation

Update April 16, 2018

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On November 10, 2017, All Canadian Investment Corporation (“ACIC”) obtained a court order (the “Initial Order”) from the Supreme Court of British Columbia pursuant to the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (“CCAA”). Boale, Wood & Company Ltd. has been appointed as Monitor.

The Initial Order provided ACIC with a Stay of Proceedings against all actions by the company’s creditors, including investors, until December 9, 2017.

Since the date of the Initial Order there have been several Orders made copies of which are provided below along with other documents filed in these proceedings.

For further information on this proceeding, please contact John McEown at (604) 605-3335 or at


Court Orders
Initial Order
Extension Order dated December 5, 2017
Approval and Vesting Order dated January 24, 2018
Order Made After Application dated March 7, 2018
Order Made After Application dated April 11, 2018 – Registry Stamped April 16, 2018

Other Court Documents
Petition to Court
Bergman Affidavit # 1 dated November 7, 2017
Bergman Affidavit #2 dated November 30, 2017
Notice of Application for Extension of Stay – Registry Stamped November 30, 2018
Bergman Affidavit #3 dated January 19, 2018
Notice of Change of Lawyer – Registry Stamped February 15, 2018
Bergman Affidavit #4 dated March 1, 2018
Notice of Application for Extension of Stay – Registry Stamped March 2, 2018
McEown’s Affidavit # 1  dated March 6, 2018 in Support of Petitioner’s Application to extend the Stay Period to April 11, 2018
Notice of Application for Extension of Stay – Registry Stamped April 6, 2018
Bergman Affidavit # 5 dated April 6, 2018 – Registry Stamped April 6, 2018
Kwok’s Affidavit # 1 – Registry Stamped April 9, 2018

Monitor’s Report
Monitor’s First Report to Court dated November 30, 2017
Monitor’s Second Report to Court dated January 22, 2018
Monitor’s Third Report to Court dated April 9, 2018 – Registry Stamped April 10, 2018


Notice to Creditors

Other Information
Creditor List
Service List
Email Service List