New High for Canadian Debt

Headline: New record: Canadians owe $1.71 for every $1 they make.

Via: Global News

Shadow Lending Growing

Headline: Shadow Lending Growing as Canadians Chase Housing Dream.

Via: Bloomberg

Key Economic Factors Affecting GDP Growth

Headline: Declines in oil investment, housing, consumer spending to halve Canadian GDP growth: report.

Via: Financial Post

How US Interest Rate Hike Might Affect Canada

Headline: Analysis: How an expected U.S. interest rate increase will affect Canadians: Don Pittis

Via: CBC

Working Past 65

Headline: Working past 65? Chart: Where People Are Working Beyond 65.

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Cooling Economy Could Lead to More Credit Card Defaults

Headline: Higher rates, cooling economy may lead to uptick in credit card defaults: TransUnion

Via: Globe and Mail

Canadian Consumer Confidence High

Headline: Canadian Consumers on Track for Most Confident Year Since 2014.

Via: Bloomberg

Holiday Spending Tips

Headline: 6 Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Go Into Debt This Holiday Season

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Where Canada Ranks in Tax Burden

Headline: The Countries With The Heaviest Tax Burdens.

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Canadians Working Past 65

Headline: 1 in 5 Canadians over age 65 still in the workforce, according to census data.
Proportion of seniors in the workforce has doubled since 1995

Via: CBC News

BC Business Optimistic

Headline: Survey finds B.C. business community optimistic. The BC Chamber of Commerce released its Collective Perspective Survey Report Tuesday night in Kelowna

Via: Surrey Now Leader

19-thousand Canadian Affected in Equifax Breach

Headline: Equifax says more than 19,000 Canadians affected by security breach

Via: CBC News

Bank of Canada Reiterates High Debt – Interest Rate increase biggest risk

Headline: Rising interest rates amid high household debt biggest risk to Canadian economy: BoC

Via: Financial Post

Canadian Debt Helped by Economic Boom

Headline: Canada’s Debt Problem Gets Helping Hand From Economic Boom.

Via: Bloomberg

Men and Women Grow Companies Differently

Headline: Study finds key differences in the way women and men start and grow Canadian companies.

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