Key Economic Factors Affecting GDP Growth

Headline: Declines in oil investment, housing, consumer spending to halve Canadian GDP growth: report.

Via: Financial Post

Cooling Economy Could Lead to More Credit Card Defaults

Headline: Higher rates, cooling economy may lead to uptick in credit card defaults: TransUnion

Via: Globe and Mail

BC Business Optimistic

Headline: Survey finds B.C. business community optimistic. The BC Chamber of Commerce released its Collective Perspective Survey Report Tuesday night in Kelowna

Via: Surrey Now Leader

Canadian Debt Helped by Economic Boom

Headline: Canada’s Debt Problem Gets Helping Hand From Economic Boom.

Via: Bloomberg

Canadian Economic Growth Predictions: National Bank of Canada

Headline: Canadian economy to grow 3 pct in 2017, 2.5 pct next year: National Bank of Canada

Via: EconoTimes

Steady Economic Growth in BC : CPA

Headline: B.C.’s CPAs expect steady economic growth over the next two years.

Via: Market Wired

Fixed Income Managers Not Bullish

Headline: Tough for fixed income manager to find good news ahead

Via: Financial Post Investing

Canadian Economy Slowdown

Headline: Somebody forgot to tell employers that Canada’s economy is slowing down.

Via: The National Post

Growth Slower in 2018

Headline: Slower growth for Canada in 2018.

Via: Advisor.CA