Creditor Phone Calls After Declaring Bankruptcy

What happens if I receive a phone call after declaring bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal?

Even though the Trustee contacts your creditors, you still might receive a phone call from one of your creditors or maybe even a collection agent.  This is due to the fact that all of your creditors are likely large organizations and it takes time to process the paperwork.  As well, if your debt has been referred to a collection agency, sometimes your creditors do not communicate your filing with third partys.

So, all you have to do is answer the phone, advise whomever is phoning that you have filed a bankruptcy and/or consumer proposal.  The caller will usually ask you two questions.

  1. Who is the Trustee firm dealing with your case?
  2. What is the estate number?

Once they have this information, they are required, by law, to stop phoning.

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