Court Appointed Administrators

Boale, Wood & Company Ltd. service offerings include acting as Judicial Trustee or Administrator of estates of deceased individuals.  Usually these appointments arise where there is no Last Will and Testament or where there are disputes among the beneficiaries.

As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we have the expertise to deal with assets, claims and other issues that arise in estates of this nature:

Our estate services include:

  • The realization of estate assets;
  • Honouring the requirement for any legacy payments described in the will;
  • Identifying items/assets that have been willed to specific individuals and distributing them to the named beneficiaries;
  • Evaluating and paying proven debts of the estate;
  • Filing income tax returns relating to the estate, paying tax liabilities, if any, and applying for income tax clearance certificates;
  • Making interim distributions, where appropriate, to beneficiaries;
  • Reporting to the beneficiaries on the administration of the estate;
  • Dealing with legal claims against the estate including claims under the Wills Variation provisions under the Wills, Estates & Succession Act; and
  • Making a final distribution of the funds in the estate to the beneficiaries; and
  • Passing accounts of the trust as may be required by the Court.

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