Not completing a bankruptcy

What happens if I do not complete my bankruptcy or if I am not released from bankruptcy?

The whole idea of getting into bankruptcy, is to GET OUT of bankruptcy.

This is referred to as a discharge.

If you do not complete your duties as a bankrupt, you will not be released from bankruptcy.  In other words, it is imperative that you do all the things that you need to do to obtain a discharge.  If you do not receive a discharge, the Trustee will proceed to be discharged from your bankruptcy and your creditors may resume collection for full payment of their claims.  This means your creditors can again seize any assets in excess of your exemptions to satisfy their claims including garnishing your paycheque.  This is at cross purposes with the entire reason for going bankrupt.

To be able to take advantage of the process and obtain a fresh start.  If you have not received your discharge, it is imperative to communicate with your trustee to determine what is required to obtain a discharge.

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