Patrick Eng Tien Tan and Virginia Mary Tan

Updated November 21, 2018

Please be advised that on April 29, 2016 Bankruptcy Orders were made against Patrick Eng Tien Tan and Virginia Mary Tan adjudging them bankrupt and Boale, Wood & Company Ltd. was appointed as Trustee for each estate.  Copies of the Bankruptcy Orders can be found below.

For further information, please contact John McEown or Kevin Owens by email at and or by telephone at (604) 605-3335.

Bankruptcy Orders

Bankruptcy Order for Patrick Eng Tien Tan
Bankruptcy Order for Virginia Mary Tan


Creditor Package
Trustee’s Preliminary Report to Creditors


Memorandum to Parties

Pursuant to the Memorandum of Madam Justice DeWitt-Van Oosten dated September 8, 2017 (the “Memorandum”), the Trustee was asked to prepare and post on this website a list of the actions before the Court relating to Virginia and Patrick Tan that are known to the Trustee (the “Action List”). In addition, the Trustee was further asked to prepare an “email service list” containing the email addresses of counsel and self-represented litigants involved in the matters on the Action List, where the Trustee has received the consent of such counsel and self-represented litigants to have their information included (the “Email Service List”).

In accordance with the Memorandum, please find below the links to the Action List and Email Service List. We ask that you contact Deborah at in the event you wish to be added to the lists.

Please be advised that arrangements for appropriate service on actions, interlocutory applications or otherwise, remain the responsibility of the parties affected and are not the responsibility of the Trustee or its legal counsel.

Other Information

Action List
Email Service List