Survey: Half of Workers say Financial Stress Impacts Work Performance

The Canadian Payroll Association has released additional results from a recent survey they conducted among working Canadians.  In September they released results showing that nearly half of working Canadians are living paycheque-to-paycheque.

Today’s new survey results show that working Canadians are experiencing high levels of stress  about finances, and that too few are keeping an eye on their finances.  From the CPA press release:

Half of employees feel that financial stress is impacting their work performance. What’s more, just 52% say they budget frequently; with an astounding 31% of this group saying that they keep their budget in their head.

Of those who do budget, 52% say they usually or always stick to their budget.
“We know that many working Canadians are struggling to make ends meet financially and they need help,” says Janice MacLellan, Vice President of Operations at the CPA.“While many Canadians are well-intentioned, our survey results show that they are not making enough progress towards financial health, and ultimately, this is impacting their work and their lives.”

You can read more about the study findings here.