Guest on CBC online chat

Last week, the CBC asked me to take part in an online discussion about Canada’s bankruptcy process.  The online chat was sparked by a national story by reporter Kathy Tomlinson:  Bankruptcy claimant protected, despite spending spree.

As CBC Vancouver producer Lisa Johnson put it:

The format is similar to a radio call-in show, but online, so people are typing rather than calling in. All the comments are pre-moderated…and our reporter will also be part of the conversation. We would like to have an expert on the system, to answer people’s questions about how it works, and what the current issues are for your profession.

I thought it was an interesting way to deal with issues.  However, it got away from the real story and was a little bit of trustee bashing.  One participant was really digging for info about trustees.  I smelled a set up and the producer did not post all of his questions.  It turns out he has a complaint about trustees.  But all in all, I really enjoyed the way it worked.  Would do it again in a flash.

Here’s a link the story – scroll down to bottom of the story in the section called Cover It Live to replay the online chat.