Elite FX et al

Updated December 2013

Boale, Wood & Company Ltd. in its capacity as Judicial Trustee and Receiver of Elite FX Limited Partnership, Elite FX Management Inc., Elite FX Investments Inc., and Elite FX Trading Inc. has completed its administration. A final distribution to Investors was made on December 19, 2011 (see letter to Investors dated December 19, 2011).  Further funds recovered in 2013 were distributed to Investors in December, 2013 (see letter to Investors dated December 6, 2013).

Please be advised that all unclaimed dividends in these proceedings will be paid into Court.  Investors who have not previously contacted us, or have not claimed previous distributions can apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia at their own expense to claim their appropriate share of the distribution. Details of the unclaimed dividends that have been paid into Court can be found in Affidavit #3 and #4.

For further information, interested parties may contact John McEown at (604) 605-3335 or jmceown@boalewood.ca

Investor Correspondence

Letter to Investors – February 20, 2009|
Letter to Investors – July 23, 2009
Letter to Investors – January 24, 2011
Letter to Investors – October 27, 2011
Letter to Investors – December 19, 2011
Letter to Investors – December 9, 2013

Notice of Motion/ Court Order

Notice of Motion
Notice of Hearing
Affidavit #1 of John McEown
Elite FX Court Order
Notice of Application
Affidavit #2 of John McEown
Court Order dated January 24, 2012
Affidavit #3 re: Unclaimed Dividends
Affidavit #4 re: Unclaimed Dividends (document to come)
Notice of Application re: Distribution of Additional Funds
Court Order dated June 11, 2013

Trustee Reports

Elite Cover Letter
Initial Report of Judicial Trustee
Final Report of Judicial Trustee